This song is about that person who’s deeply broken and desperate for love. The guy who’s manipulating someone to come be with him, but only when it’s most convenient. The words “Jigoku Tengoku” mean “hell or heaven” in Japanese. It’s a pretty lie he’s telling his lover, saying he’ll follow them to the depths of hell or heaven, that “this time’s different,” but those are just empty words.

We went through a lot of versions of this song, changing the tempo, should it be swung or un-swung, how should we ground the chords in the verses and what should that final synth sound like? We found solace after listening to artists like Leon Vynehall, Jamie xx, and Empress Of and thinking about how to use synths to support the groove rather than just reiterate the chord progression. We spent a long time on the synth that comes out at the end, automating the envelope and adjusting timing…for us, that had to be the biggest surprise the song had to offer.