Reptile Room is an electro-pop trio formed in Atlanta in 2017 by Bill Zimmerman and brother and sister Sean and Sami Michelsen. The three members do all creative work collectively, be it writing, recording and mixing, or editing photos, videos and designing art. They’ve worked with MTV, E! and Red Bull and have been nominated for an Atlanta Culture Award presented by Live Nation. Atwood Magazine recently stated they are known for their “emotionally naked, confessional blends of electronic bliss.” 

The third single ‘Control,’ from their upcoming Om Records debut LP Jade, is pure high-octane adrenalin with deep bass booming over a steady break and Sami’s voice soaring over top. “Control is a rebellion,” the band explains, “People will try and take from you, try to manipulate you for their gain and give you every reason why you can’t do something.  Tell us we can’t do something and we’re going to do it.” Strong words from a band that New Noise calls “honed in on full expression. Their organic flow is brought out in their thoughtful dynamics, their spiraling sound, and their atmospheric presence.”

The theme is captured visually in the video below with the contrast between the white room and all of the colors that appear. Sami explains, “The white room symbolizes being stifled creatively by others and the color represents breaking out of that constriction and freeing your expression. A lot of people try to put you in a box, and control is about fighting back and breaking free.” Stay tuned for the highly anticipated new album Jade coming on August 9th.

Photo: Mike Colletta