Part one of the upcoming double album Intermittent Dreams / Intermittent Soul. Om Records’ founder Christopher J. Smith returns with his newest offering from his deep psychedelic house Shiny Objects moniker, and what a wild trip it is. Smoky bladerunner alleyways drift in and out of futuristic dreamscapes as beats ricochet off the rooftops and onto the dancefloor.

This is what droids do with intergalactic funk.

A beautifully produced mix of deep, psychedelic-tinged, techy grooves.
— IHouseU
‘Intermittent Dreams’ is a sublime collection of deep, melodic tunes which come together like the soundtrack of a futuristic dreamscape, where a hazy sun arches down towards the desert horizon and beckons to night-time adventures.
— Decoded Magazine

🛸 Stay tuned for Intermittent Soul coming October 4th 🛸